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Offshore Drilling PlatformIntroducing Advanced Geotechnology
Advanced Geotechnology is an international consulting, training and software firm based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We provide a range of services in petroleum engineering, geomechanics and geosciences to clients around the world including: oil and gas operators, service companies, government agencies, universities and research institutes.
The firm has unique capabilities in Petroleum Geomechanics, including advanced modeling and simulation expertise, for: wellbore instability, lost circulation, sand production, fractured reservoir characterization, coupled reservoir-geomechanical simulation, caprock integrity, casing failures, hydraulic fracturing, subsurface waste disposal, reservoir compaction and subsidence.

Advanced Geotechnology is the developer of STABViewTM, an industry-leading software package for advanced well planning and design that reduces the risks associated with wellbore instability, lost circulation, sand production and casing failures. STABView can be used to rapidly assess a wide variety of stability issues for all types of wells in all geological settings. The software has been used for well design and analysis in over 250 projects, for more than 80 clients. STABView was developed as part of Drilling Engineering Association project DEA-147 which was funded by ChevronTexaco, Nexen, Petrobras, Baker Oil Tools, Weatherford International, and other companies.

ROCKSBankTM is Advanced Geotechnology's new worldwide rock mechanical and petrophysical properties database for the energy industry. This first-of-a-kind software currently stores over 1000 different laboratory test attributes and is delivered with a pre-populated database of rock properties from petroleum basins around the globe. ROCKSBank was developed with the support of the Completion Engineering Association (CEA-143), the Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada (PTAC) and the National Research Council of Canada.

Advanced Geotechnology offers the following short courses and workshops in Canada and abroad:

  • Practical Rock Mechanics for Drilling and Completions
  • Petroleum Geomechanics for Reservoir Exploitation
  • New Tools for Characterizing and Modeling Fractured Reservoirs
  • STABView Wellbore Stability and Sand Production Workshop


Customized training courses and seminars can also be developed for clients.

Advanced Geotechnology can work closely with several world-class laboratories and research institutes to deliver high quality testing programs tailored to our clients' needs. We make a considerable investment in research and development every year to provide new and innovative technologies for our consulting services and software products.

Advanced Geotechnology is dedicated to providing integrated, field-ready solutions of the highest quality to our clients. In addition to our in-house staff we have an extensive network of technical partners and associates who assist us with bringing practical solutions to many of the challenging subsurface engineering and geoscience issues in today's energy industry.
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