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STABView 3.5 Coming Soon

Advanced Geotechnology plans to release a new version of its flagship software product STABView before the end of 2007.  Beta versions of STABView 3.5 have already been shipped to select customers. Version 3.5 includes the following new features: a new 3D wellbore visualization component; new borehole breakout and polar plot displays; enhancements to the user interface; new user preferences; tornado sensitivity plots; additional options for defining a well survey; updated manual; new sample cases featuring new graphs and 3D visualization.  For more information on these new features and other STABView capabilities click here. To request a demonstration of STABView, in person or over the internet, please email us at or call 1.403.693.7530

ROCKSBank Database Version 2.3 Released

ROCKSBank is a worldwide rock mechanical and petrophysical properties database originally developed by Advanced Geotechnology in a joint-industry project. Our latest release of the software in September, 2007 has data on over 3500 samples including: sandstones (25%), shales, siltstones and mudrocks (31%), coal (25%), oil sands (5%) and carbonates (11%). ROCKSBank can be used for a wide variety of geomechanical, geophysical and reservoir engineering applications in the E & P business. Click here for more details.


Advanced Geotechnology Purchased by Weatherford

Advanced Geotechnology Inc., the consulting and software company founded by Pat McLellan in 1994, was sold to Weatherford Canada Partnership in November, 2006. It has been an exciting 12 years as the company grew from a one-person operation to a multi-disciplinary consultancy with two world-class software products. We have had the opportunity to work on interesting and challenging consulting projects around the globe from Antarctica to Arabia. We would like to thank all of our clients, colleagues and friends in industry, government and academia for their support and encouragement over the years.

We have now entered a new phase as Advanced Geotechnology expands its service to include many new clients and customers of Weatherford around the world. Weatherford is a diversified oilfield service company with more than 30,000 employees in over 100 countries. We are continuing to operate under the trade name "Advanced Geotechnology" offering petroleum geomechanics consulting, training and software to the industry.

Our joining the Weatherford family of companies opens several new doors for us including the laboratory testing capabilities of Hycal Energy Research Laboratories Ltd. in Calgary and Omni Laboratories in Houston. Omni offers a wide range of rock mechanical and acoustic property testing services. We also have access to other world class technical partners in microseismic monitoring, wireline and LWD logging, underbalanced and managed pressure drilling, reservoir engineering and real-time data acquisition.

Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions about this business transaction.

Geomechanics Investigation of Caprock Integrity for Acid Gas Sequestration, Zama Lake, Alberta

Advanced Geotechnology has been awarded a contract from the Plains CO2 Reduction (PCOR) Partnership to undertake a geomechanical investigation of various factors related to the injection of acid gas (CO2 and H2S) into the Keg River Formation at Apache Canada’s Zama Lake field in northwest Alberta. PCOR’s acid gas sequestration project is being managed by the Energy & Environmental Research Centre (EERC) at the University of North Dakota, and is funded by the U.S Department of Energy. A team of specialists from Canada and the United States are evaluating greenhouse gas sequestration and enhanced oil recovery potential in the project. Advanced Geotechnology has been tasked with evaluating the geomechanical properties of the reservoir and its caprocks, the in-situ stress state, and the potential for short or long-term leakage. For more details on this innovative collaborative project see

Wellbore Stability Investigations for Horizontal CBM Wells in Mannville Coals, Alberta

Drilling and completing a successful horizontal CBM well in Mannville Group coals in various parts of Alberta has proven to be a challenge in some settings. Borehole collapse risks that increase with depth, lost circulation, variable geology, and formation damage can all contribute to uneconomic well performance that can be difficult or impossible to remedy after the fact. Advanced Geotechnology has completed numerous post-mortem investigations and well planning studies for horizontal CBM wells in Canada and the USA for such clients as EnCana, Talisman, ConocoPhillips, MGV Energy, and Nexen. To learn more about our stability analysis process and how it can reduce your drilling problem time and increase well productivity, please call for details 1.403.693.7531.

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