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AG Strategic Partners & Associates
APA Petroleum Engineering Inc.
Petroleum Engineering Consultants

C-FER Technologies
Drilling & Completions Research, SAGD

CBM Solutions Ltd.
Coalbed Methane, Training Courses
Calpetra Research & Consulting Inc.
EOR, CO2 Sequestration

Canada Petroleum Institute
Training Courses

Energy & Environmental Research Centre,
University of North Dakota
Greenhouse Gas Sequestration Research

Hycal Energy Research Laboratories Ltd.
Laboratory Testing

Neotechnology Consultants Ltd.
Multi-phase Flow Modeling & Software

OMNI Laboratories, Inc.
Laboratory Testing

Petroleum Society of CIM
Training Courses
Vox Terrae International
Fractured Reservoirs, Paleomagnetics
Research and Development Collaboration
Drilling Engineering Association (DEA)
Completion Engineering Association (CEA)
Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) - Gas Hydrates Permafrost
Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada (PTAC)
University of Alberta, Geotechnical and Petroleum Engineering, Edmonton, Canada
University of Calgary, Geotechnical Engineering, Calgary, Canada
University of Saskatchewan, Geological Engineering, Saskatoon, Canada
Advanced Geotechnology has a number of technical associates in such fields as drilling and production engineering, reservoir characterization, numerical modeling, software development and laboratory testing. These specialized technical personnel are available to assist in projects as required.
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