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Coalbed Methane Consulting Services
Advanced Geotechnology has unique geomechanics experience and powerful modeling tools for efficiently exploiting coalbed methane reservoirs. Because of the special character of this naturally fractured and very weak type of rock, several geomechanical aspects should be considered during the resource characterization, drilling, and production phases.

In the past few years Advanced Geotechnology has been involved in a number of challenging projects related to coalbed methane and other source rocks, for example:
  • In-situ stress studies at regional and local scales
  • Core studies of cleat orientations and other fractures in coal
  • Wellbore stability and lost circulation assessments
  • Cavity completion modeling in an elastoplastic material
  • CO2 sequestration in coal seams
For a printable Acrobat file with a list of our CBM services click here. Do not hesitate to contact us at if we can be of assistance with your CBM project.

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