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Fractured Reservoir Characterization and Modeling
There are many challenges in exploring for, characterizing and developing naturally fractured reservoirs. Advanced Geotechnology and its technical partner, Vox Terrae International, have a wide range of experience in this subject developed over the last 20 years. We are specialists in the integration of geoscience, geomechanics and  petroleum engineering for fractured reservoirs. Our clients range from small oil and gas operators to the largest multi-national energy companies.

Here are some of the special skills and capabilities that we can bring to your next reservoir characterization project:
  • Contemporary and paleo-stress analyses
  • Structural analysis of folded and faulted reservoirs
  • Caprock and fault seal integrity assessments
  • Advanced 2D and 3D geomechanical modeling
  • Image log interpretation (FMI, UBI, EMI, HWI and others)
  • Fractured core logging including goniometric studies*
  • Paleomagnetic core orientation*
  • Paragenetic sequence of fracture development*
  • Fracture aperture descriptive studies
  • Laboratory testing of flow in fractures under stress
  • 3D stochastic fracture network simulation
  • Coupled stress, heat and fluid flow simulation in 2D fracture networks with UDEC
          *in partnership with Vox Terrae International

For a complete description of our services for characterizing and modeling naturally fractured reservoirs, click here to view a PDF file (513 kB).

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