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Geomechanical-Reservoir Simulation Services
Do you have a suspicion that perhaps more than just your reservoir fluids are moving when you produce or inject in your reservoir? You're probably right. The industry is increasingly recognizing the role that geomechanics plays in hydrocarbon production. From sinking platforms in the North Sea that cost billions of dollars to fix to injection-induced seismicity we now have a better understanding of the processes that control reservoir deformation, and in some cases, caprock and casing failures.

Advanced Geotechnology provides consulting and research services in geomechanical-reservoir simulation using FLAC - a commercial finite-difference code developed by the Ithasca Consulting Group for modeling stress, thermal and fluid flow problems in a wide variety of rock types and reservoir settings. Results from FLAC can be used with other multi-phase flow simulators for more robust coupled reservoir and geomechanical analyses. We also use a sister code called UDEC for modeling fractured reservoirs. Here are some of the problems we can address with these powerful simulation tools:
  • Prediction of permeability enhancement during cyclic steam stimulation or steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD)
  • Cold flow production with sand (CHOPS) in heavy oil reservoirs
  • Waterflooding under fracturing conditions
  • Fault reactivation and fracture reopening risks
  • Caprock integrity analysis for waste disposal operations
  • Reservoir compaction and subsidence predictions
  • Casing failures in deformable reservoirs
  • Wellbore instability and sand production risks
  • Reservoir stress changes in gas storage reservoirs
  • Induced seismicity risk assessments
  • Feasibility studies for microseismic monitoring

To view a PDF file (49 kB) with a more complete description of FLAC's capabilities click here.
To view a PDF file (45 kB) with a more complete description of UDEC's capabilities click here.

To learn more about Advanced Geotechnology's services in fractured reservoir characterization click here.

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