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In-Situ Stress and Pore Pressure Analysis

In-situ stresses and pore pressures existing or induced in your reservoir or caprock can have a significant impact on petroleum exploration and development. Applications for in-situ stress and pore pressure data include:
  • Hydrocarbon generation and migration studies
  • Fault seal assessments
  • Wellbore stability analyses
  • Sand production risk assessments
  • Casing deformation or failure studies
  • Caprock integrity assessments
  • Optimal well trajectory planning
  • Coalbed methane permeability enhancement
  • Fractured reservoir identification and exploitation
  • Setting the maximum injection pressure for gas storage or disposal
  • Hydraulic and acid fracture stimulation treatment design
  • Waterflood-induced fracturing analysis
  • Reservoir compaction and surface subsidence predictions
  • Designing subsurface waste injection operations
  • Evaluating production or injection-induced seismicity
Advanced Geotechnology offers the following consulting services for characterizing in-situ stresses in your reservoir or basin:
  • Pore pressure analysis and predictions from log and well test data
  • Stress orientation analyses using borehole breakouts, induced fractures and other diagnostic.
  • Design, supervision and interpretation of stress tests (LOT, XLOT, minifracs, step-rate tests, MDT)
  • Basin-scale geomechanical modeling of stresses through geological time
  • Modeling the origin of natural fractures
  • Paleo-stress analyses using fracture data
  • Analysis of coring-induced fractures in core
  • Paleomagnetic core orientation (with Vox Terrae International)
  • Vertical stress determinations from density logs
  • Regional stress mapping
  • Modeling the effects of reservoir pressure depletion or injection on in-situ stress magnitudes and orientations

Minimum horizontal stress orientation based on borehole breakouts for selected wells in the White Rose field, Jean D'Arc Basin, offshore Newfoundland 
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