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ROCKSBank™ – Applications and Benefits

Applications: ROCKSBank can be used by geophysicists, geologists and engineers for:

  • Seismic velocity modeling
  • Caprock and fault seal assessments
  • Petrophysical log analysis, e.g., full-wave sonic, mechanical properties, anisotropy
  • Drill bit selection and optimization
  • Wellbore stability for drilling and completions
  • Prediction of perforation penetration
  • Sand production prediction and sand control
  • Casing failure investigations
  • Hydraulic and acid fracturing design
  • Reservoir simulation in weak and compressible rocks
  • Tiltmeter and microseismic monitoring
  • Prediction of compaction, subsidence or heave in thermal processes
  • Subsurface waste fluid and solids disposal

Benefits: ROCKSBank will help your organization by reducing staff time, resources and expenses involved with: 

  1. Conducting expensive laboratory testing programs,
  2. Obtaining high quality core and specialty logs,
  3. Locating, compiling, analyzing and interpreting this type of specialized data,
  4. Maintaining and archiving data,
  5. Re-inventing the wheel every time rock properties are needed,
  6. Obtaining fit-for-purpose rock property estimates from the open literature, and
  7. Training new staff and contractors.
  Click here for a PDF version of our ROCKSBank brochure suitable for printing.


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