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ROCKSBank™ – Technical Features
Database Engine
  • Supports multiple database formats, e.g., Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access
  • Free form design allows for enhanced searching and customization
  • Multiple database access and management across a LAN, an intranet or the internet
  • Ability to encrypt sensitive data transmissions
  • Customizable group and user accounts
  • Supports field level access control
Reports and Graphics
  • Scatter plots and histograms
  • Core photographs and images
  • Customized reports for specific applications, e.g., fracturing, drill bit selection, log analysis
  • statistical analysis toolkit
  • Print to any Windows printer
  • Export to .pdf, .xls, .txt, .doc
  • Export graphics to .jpg, .gif, .bmp
Mapping (Optional, Customizable)
  • View and access sample locations on a map
  • Conduct area searches on a map
  • Filter map locations with complex queries
  • Contact AG regarding options
  • US oilfield and SI units
  • Customized mixed units
  • Add new data fields and data structures
  • Customize reports, graphs and data output
  • Add-on modules and applications possible
  • Import data any self describing data format – CSV, Excel, XML, LAS
  • Export data to any standard format
  • Win2000, XP, NT Server

System Architecture:
ROCKSBank is designed to run on either a stand-alone PC, a local area network, an intranet, and the internet. Depending upon the needs of your organization we can work with you to implement the most appropriate deployment of this software for your staff.  Customized multi-seat local area network (LAN) and intranet versions are also available.

  Click here for a PDF version of our ROCKSBank brochure suitable for printing

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