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ROCKSBank - Screen Captures


Several digital photographs of a sample can be loaded in ROCKSBank. Images may be magnified, printed and exported.


Particle size distribution curve and histogram produced from laser analysis data. Several popular particle size classification systems are available to the user (e.g., Wentworth, ASTM, API, USCS, USDA).




Example of the data entry dialog for a single-stage triaxial test. ROCKSBank has more than 25 data dialogs for entering a complete rock description, petrophysical properties and rock mechanical properties for any type of rock or soil.


Laboratory triaxial, unconfined compressive strength and direct shear strength data can be plotted and analyzed with Mohr-Coulomb and Hoek-Brown failure criteria.


Cross-plot of laboratory and log-derived data to find correlations for proprietary and public data in ROCKSBank.


A flexible search dialog with the ROCKSBank data tree to filter and refine the search variables. A search can be conducted on a particular reference, sample, location, lithology, formation or other data attributes and can be customized and saved to use again.


An example data search report prepared in ROCKSBank.







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