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STABView Marketing Presentation
The STABView marketing presentation is available upon request to qualified organizations. This presentation is available as either an executable file (that you may download, install and run on your computer) or by viewing online. It provides an overview of STABView, typical applications for the software, detailed descriptions of the software input and output graphs and reports, as well as a number of case histories showing how the program has been used to solve drilling, completions, stimulation, casing deformation and sand production problems.
The STABView presentation is a self-contained application prepared using DemoShieldTM. A number of optional links to reference materials in Adobe Acrobat portable document format (PDF) are also included. To view these documents, you must have access to the Internet.


If you would like to obtain or view this marketing presentation, please answer the following questions and we will contact you by phone or email. Please note that all of the information marked with a (*) must be completed for Advanced Geotechnology to consider your request for this presentation.


If you have already received a username and password from AG, please proceed to the presentation area now.


Name:  *
Position/Title:  *
Company/Organization:  *
Department:  *
Street Address:  *
City:  *
Province/State:  *
Country:  *
Postal Code/Zip:   *
Phone Number:   *
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Email Address: *
Intended application(s): Please indicate as many as required.
Drilling & Completions Production Engineering
Borehole Stability Sand Production Prediction
Lost Circulation Sand Control Design
Drilling Fluids Design Perforating Design
Underbalanced Drilling Hydraulic or Acid Fracturing
Casing Failure Risk Lost Circulation During Workovers
Subsurface Fluids or Solids Disposal Teaching
Hydraulic Fracturing Other*:
Slip Tendency on a Plane    

Please provide any other pertinent information about your conditions or needs.



Do not hesitate to contact us by email at or call us at 1.403.693.7530 if you have any questions about STABView.




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