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STABView™ - Your Answer to Borehole Integrity Problems
Drilling, completing and stimulating complex wells can be difficult enough these days. Have you ever:
  • Been stuck in the hole for 2 weeks?
  • Overspent your AFE by 30% because of "unforeseen formation problems"
  • Dreamed about a monobore completion instead of the four casing strings you use today?
  • Spent a pile of cash on a "designer" mud system?
  • Wondered if you might be better off underbalanced for the entire intermediate hole section?
  • Selected a barefoot openhole completion ? (for the last time?)
  • Had plenty of horsepower but couldn't get the frac away?
  • Become tired of excuses that sound something like a conspiracy by Mother Nature?

If you answer "yes" to any of the above you need the unparalleled analysis capabilities of Advanced Geotechnology's STABView software. STABView is a state-of-the-art commercial well planning software package for analyzing the risks of:
  • Wellbore instability
  • Lost circulation and fracturing
  • Sand production, and
  • Fault, fracture or bedding plane slip

STABView will help you optimize the window of bottomhole pressure to drill, complete, stimulate and produce from vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells in all geological settings. This comprehensive software system was developed to set the standard for reliable, field-ready well designs.

Unique capabilities in STABView allow you to: calibrate your models to offset well observations; include all-important pore pressure, temperature and chemical effects; use realistic rock behavior; import and export to other programs, and more. Efficient, rapidly-converging algorithms are used in the software to solve the fundamental equations that govern the mechanical behavior of the near-wellbore area. STABView was developed in the last decade based on cutting-edge research performed in several universities and oil and gas research organizations. Funding for the development of STABView was partially provided by two joint-industry projects conducted by AG that were supported by nine international oil and gas operators and service companies.

Extensive online and written documentation is provided to guide the novice or experienced user. AG also provides in-house training courses on rock mechanics, wellbore stability and sand production for drilling and completion personnel. A one-day STABView workshop, featuring many practical case histories, is also available.

We provide all our STABView users with reliable customer service and help line support with a guaranteed 24 hour turnaround.

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