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Screen Captures from STABView




Well trajectory display in 3D showing color-contoured minimum equivalent mud weights required to prevent borehole collapse.


Pan, zoom and rotate the 3D display to show specific points of interest. The rendering of stratigraphic tops, casing the borehole or grid can be turned off or on.





Sand production risk plot showing the effect of peak cohesion on critical drawdown pressure during reservoir depletion.



Color polar plot showing the minimum equivalent mud weight required to prevent borehole collapse for all possible well trajectories when a dipping plane-of-weakness, like fissile bedding, is included.







Borehole cross-section showing the zone of yielded rock predicted with a 3D linear elastic  model for an inclined wellbore.



Average yielded zone size can be predicted with a 2D elastoplastic model as a function of mud density, EMW or bottomhole pressure for various parameter sensitivities.







Multi-zone input dialog for geological units used in a 3D linear elastic stability analysis.



Multi-zone input dialog for in-situ stress and formation pressure data.







Depth profile graph or "mud weight window" showing stratigraphic units, wellbore inclination, input stresses and formation pressure, derived borehole collapse and fracture breakdown pressures and the predicted mud weight window.



Input text report concisely summarizes all the data used to generate a case.


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